once a farm boy, always a farm boy

In order to make the best out of a non-lake, non-mountains, non-Idaho summer, I decided we should plant some tomatoes and have a container garden on the back patio. People grow lots of tomatoes here on the coast. Tomatoes and blueberries and sweet corn all do especially well in our little part of the world.

The idea of a garden was Very Exciting News for Banjo Man. His face lit up with happiness as he considered all the possibilities for planting in pots and displaying them behind the house.

Banjo Man loves the back patio. He created it after a trip to New Orleans, so it has an old brick, Southern vibe. You’ve seen pictures of his water feature, another labor of love.

So the day before surgery, we took a ride to Clarke’s Farms (my favorite place to troll for pumpkin stems) and loaded up a wagon. Tomatoes (twelve plants), parsley, basil, dill, eggplant and zucchini came home with us.

Oh, was Banjo Man happy! He also bought flowers for hanging planters and some for the slate patio at the front of the house. The man had plans.

Look closely. The pots are lined up to the left of the purple flowers.

After bringing me home from the hospital Saturday, he charged outside to start farming. He would spend that afternoon and all day Sunday creating a pretty place to spend the summer…and grow things. We’re hoping the groundhogs and deer and wild turkeys don’t find our plants.

My one and only outdoor job is to feed the chipmunks. That amuses me no end and is something the Funny Grandson enjoyed a few years ago when he visited. I don’t know if he’s too old to feed chipmunks this summer, but I know I’m not!

I have a huge bag of sunflower seeds and I’m ready to train them to come running when they hear the sound of my voice.

Banjo Man had one last chore Monday evening and that was to burn brush before the rain came.

Nothing is more fun than burning stuff. It’s a guy thing, or so I’ve been told.

So as we deal with all that is happening right now we try very, very hard to take care of each other. Life is not all about cancer—there are so many other things to do and talk about. Things to enjoy.

I wouldn’t put “gardening” at the top of my Must Do list, but if it makes Banjo Man happy that’s all that matters.

And as son Will said, “BLT’s all summer long!”

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4 Responses to once a farm boy, always a farm boy

  1. Marjorie Fridrich says:

    Oh my. And my 2’ by 3’ box garden on the roof is my limit. One cherry tomato plant, basil, cilantro, 2 kinds of parsley and marigolds.
    Last year I searched carefully for a cherry tomato plant, and started planting it to find it was a big boy.
    Planted it anyway.
    Your do and will have a lovely oasis. Watching things things progress will be enjoyable. Do I see a fireplace in the corner?

  2. Ruth says:

    I so loved your post. I also love your back patio area. Banjo Man did a masterful job there! Enjoy every minute of it. I 😊

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