greetings from home

It’s a muggy and buggy New England morning, but we have the AC conditioners in the windows and we’re not putting up with humidity.

I love air conditioning.

So…greetings from Cancer Land.

We are fine. I am resting. I am not in much pain at all most of the time. Oh, things are awkward and uncomfortable, and stuff hurts, but it’s not horrible.

I love my couch. I love my bed. I love watching “Wicked Tuna” marathons on television. Banjo Man does not understand the appeal of “Wicked Tuna” or “Deadliest Catch”, but oh, do I love those shows.

I never, ever want to be on one of those boats. Fishing on the ocean is not on my bucket list. Not even at the bottom. But I love to watch the antics of the captains and crew.

“Deadliest Catch” has the best storms and the most danger. I worry about every person on every ship.

Oh, and let’s not forget “Below Deck”, about what goes on during yacht charters. Good stuff!

Poor Banjo Man. Yesterday he confessed that even after 49 years together he does not understand me and my love of these fishing shows.

One of our friends from our little thrice-yearly dinner group dropped off three casseroles yesterday. THREE!!! I felt like we’d won the lottery. I even cried. I should have prepared better for this post-surgery time, but as the weeks before surgery went on I became more and more tired and distracted.

Food is difficult to fix and reheat using only my left arm. Banjo Man does everything he can for me, but there are times when I am alone and just want to nibble on something. Or reheat something. My exhausted husband doesn’t need to be trying to put meals together either, so yesterday’s casserole bonanza will go a long way towards getting us through the next few days.

I am so grateful.

I will now head back to the couch. I am wallowing in the concept of “rest”. I should do nothing but rest. Imagine that! I can’t quite wrap my head around it. The visiting nurse who stopped in yesterday told me that I was exhausted from seven weeks of stress, pain, tests and worry, along with the surgery. That made sense, though I hadn’t thought of it like that.

She said to rest. And keep resting.

I find that amazing. It’s such a lovely idea!

Who knows? I might even become very, very good at it. I’m certainly going to practice.

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