they’re here!


At the breakwater in East Matunuck.

Yesterday was the best medicine ever!  Waking up to the Funny Grandson eating blueberry pancakes started the day off right.

And then a walk on the beach–5000 Fitbit steps!–followed by a trip to town for beach chairs and beach passes, and then a nap (me and my daughter-in-law), before heading to the library for a program on “animals”.



“Animals” meant turtles, snakes, an alligator and an albino hedgehog.

My grandson and I sat in the back row because, he explained, “I want to be in the last row in case anything escapes.”  And we were also the people closest to the door.

This kid is smart.

I enjoyed seeing the various turtles, but I bailed once the boa constrictor came out.  The FG lasted through the snakes, but the alligator was too much for him.

Banjo Man and Son #1 sat through the whole thing and whispered so many jokes to each other that they ended up in tears as they tried not to laugh out loud.  My librarian daughter-in-law chose to enjoy some quiet time perusing the books and avoiding the wildlife completely.

Once home we cleaned the lobsters and then played UNO before it was time for bed.



This guy is never tired.


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3 Responses to they’re here!

  1. Ellie says:

    Yeah! Dance of Joy! Have a blast with FG and his sweet parents💕

  2. Tom says:

    Good times for all!

  3. Phyllis Nolan says:

    Yes, no better medicine than that. Have a wonderful time.

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