a special operation


Laying across my sewing table is the Funny Grandson’s beloved Winnie the Pooh.  Well-loved Winnie has been in desperate need of stuffing and repairs for several years now, but the FG couldn’t bear (pun intended!) to let anyone–even his seamstress grandmother–touch his friend.

We came close last year, but at the last minute the FG panicked, changed his mind and took Winnie back to bed where he was safe from scissors and needles.

But yesterday was different.  As I sipped my coffee, the FG brought Winnie to me, handed him over and said solemnly, “I’m ready.”

I examined him carefully, explained where I would cut (the seam up the back) and how and where I would insert new stuffing.  The FG agreed and then left the room.  So I carefully started surgery and opened up Winnie’s back.  I quickly realized that all the old, padded cotton stuffing should be removed and replaced, which I did.  Then I stuffed the arms and legs with new filling and received the FG’s approval for the level of stiffness.

I needed more stuffing–I had borrowed poly stuffing from my “Knitted Knockers” (these are lightweight knitted “breasts” made by volunteers and are **wonderful** for tucking into that new void in my bra)–so a trip to Walmart was necessary.  It didn’t take long to stuff Winnie back to his original state and stitch up his back.

He looked wonderful.  The Funny Grandson beamed.

I swear that bear smiled at me.



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4 Responses to a special operation

  1. Tom says:

    It is great to see my favorite Snuggle Bug is back. What a great job of renovation!

  2. Karen Bertrand says:

    Good Job Dr. More Pie!!!

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