the mystery ride

Last Monday we loaded everyone up in the car and headed to Massachusetts.  This was a big day.  I had rested for two entire days in order to have the energy to make the trip.  Banjo Man had taken the day off work.  Directions and parking information in hand, we set off at 9:00 AM.

Where were we going?  Ah, that was the mystery!

The Funny Grandson thought we were taking him to Math Camp for the day (“Bad Grandma” gave hints to make him think that) so he was less than pleased.  We assured him there would be “healthy snacks” and lots of fun math problems to solve.

Glum, he muttered from the third seat, “Stop torturing me.”

His father was beyond excited and had been for a week, when we’d first conceived of the plan.  Now Son #1 is a stoic guy.  It’s hard to tell when he is excited about something.  But when we arrived at the New England Patriots Hall of Fame at Gillette Stadium, Ben turned into a 12-year old boy.  He couldn’t believe the size and scope of the building–three stories, with the Pro Shop on the ground floor–and a view of the stadium through distant gates.  I’d known (from the website) how big it was, but I’d kept that info to myself so not to spoil the surprise for the big guy, too.

The FG burst into relieved laughter and couldn’t stop grinning.


This is not Math Camp.

Now I know most of you out there hate the Patriots and would rather ride a dying donkey in the desert than visit their Hall of Fame, but…bear with me.  If you have a chance to go to your team’s Hall of Fame, you should.  Because it’s a good time.

My daughter-in-law was a great sport and took lots of pictures.  We kept our eye on the FG so his father and grandfather could absorb all the Patriot joy and info.


The entrance: walking through a giant football helmet.

There were so many interactive exhibits, displays, photo ops and videos.


The “locker room”, where you can try on real jerseys and equipment.  The FG is wearing one of Brady’s actual jerseys.  And the dirt and sweat was real.  As was the hand sanitizer dispenser on the wall nearby.

How about getting in on a huddle?




As we were crossing the main plaza, on our way to the elevators and a restaurant for lunch, we saw Bob Kraft walking nearby.  He was heading into the stadium, but I never thought to stop him and get a picture.  Tourists visiting from L.A. who were close to the gate did, though.

We ate lunch in Patriot’s Place, the large shopping plaza next to the stadium, and stopped for ice cream on the way home.  Once home, all of the exhausted Patriots fans took naps.

It wasn’t Math Camp, but it was one heck of a good time!



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  1. Marge Fridrich says:

    What a day!

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