the heat wave

We may have broken some records this weekend.  With a heat index of 110 Sunday afternoon, I wouldn’t be surprised.

I’m sure the beaches were packed and the traffic horrendous, but Banjo Man and I stayed home and–for the most part–inside.  Banjo Man watered our blooming tomato plants and I ventured out for three minutes each day to feed the birds and chipmunks.

The air conditioners in the windows did their jobs, helped along by a couple of tall fans.  We enjoyed cold dinners of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil.

The newscasters kept warning people not to leave their children in their cars.  Not to leave their children in the car???  What kind of idiots have to be told that?  There are parents in this country who really have to be reminded??

The mind boggles.  Have we raised idiots?

I will change the subject before smoke comes out of my ears.

Meet my albino chipmunk:


He has a white stripe down the center of his face, a white ring around his neck and some white on his tail.  I’ve never seen one before.  The other chipmunks bully him no end, but he sneaks up for food when they are not around.  I’ve read that albino animals don’t live long, mostly due to their poor eyesight, but this guy has been visiting for weeks.  We’re rooting for him.

The Funny Grandson enjoyed feeding the wildlife while he was here.  Our local chipmunks have never looked so chubby.  Every morning the birds and chipmunks would hang out by the rocks and wait for breakfast.  They knew that sometime before 9 AM the kid would come out with generous amounts of seed for them.

I’m heading north soon for a long day in Providence.  Physical therapy first, then we move on to the hospital’s cancer care center (valet parking–hurray!) for the introductory prep for radiation.  I hope the real thing starts soon.  My physical therapist promises my arm will be ready by then.  Fingers crossed!

Happy Birthday, dear daughter-in-law!  We miss you!  We hope your day brings all the good things that you deserve.


Dinner at Champlins in Galilee.





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