it’s still there

Banjo Man found this picture recently.  It must have fallen out of my grandmother’s old photo albums (they fell apart years ago but I saved all the photos) in the attic.


Is she my great-grandmother, great-great grandmother or great aunt?

I knew that one set of my father’s grandparents lived on Public Street in Providence, so it was fairly easy to find a 1932 Providence street directory online and look it up.  And there was the name of my grandfather’s parents on Public Street!  Family stories said that my great-grandparents (the Winslow’s) grew up next door to each other.  My great-grandfather had indeed married the girl next door, Jennie McIntosh.  Several generations of the family lived in each house.  Sure enough, the street directory confirmed that the Winslow’s lived next door to the McIntosh family.  And supplied the house numbers.

In our treks to the hospital I had pointed out to Banjo Man that I remembered my father saying that his grandparents lived on Public Street, which we cross every time we go to the hospital or the cancer center.  It’s in the neighborhood.

So a couple of weeks ago we decided to see if we could find the house.  And sure enough…


What do you think?

The roof lines on many of the houses in the neighborhood have been altered to make larger third floor apartments.  But this is the same address as in 1932.  The McIntosh house has either been torn down and rebuilt or lost its third floor and charm along the way.

Now I am searching for an address for my grandmother’s parents.  I thought I remembered someone saying the house had been torn down for a Rhode Island School of Design parking lot and the house had been “off Benefit Street”.  I’ve had no luck with the street directory, so the 1920 census is next.

Genealogy + radiation.  Who knew?




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