in pieces

My French Friend Janou brought the hardest jigsaw puzzle I’ve ever seen with her to Rhode Island.


No straight edges or corners!

We spent several lazy mornings–and afternoons–patiently putting the pieces together.  Our wolf is gorgeous.


We finished it!  Let’s take a picture!


I’ve never seen such unusually-shaped puzzle pieces, but we loved the challenge…especially while drinking coffee and chatting.  It has been a brutal year for both of us in very different ways and it was good to be together as we took a lot of deep breaths and wondered what the future would hold.

Another adventure was a stop at Denny’s for a late breakfast after my ultrasound in Providence.

Check out the mugs:

MFFJ also enjoyed trips to Aldi’s, Job Lot and several beaches.  Sometimes I stayed in the car so I wouldn’t slow her down.  She went home with a suitcase full of Christmas presents, a handful of smooth white rocks and half a clam shell!

Our biggest jaunt was to Foxwoods Casino, the largest gambling casino in North America.

First we had to remember where to park, as the valet parking was unfortunately unavailable.


Good advice.

Daughter Nancy kept an eye on us.


Taking a selfie is never easy.


None of us won any money that morning and the highlight of the day was lunch.

As it should be.

I hadn’t been to Foxwoods in thirty years and it will most likely be another thirty before I go again.  But it was fun to see something new and we felt as if we were in a foreign country.  And only 42 minutes from the house.


Our typical evening routine: couch, wine, fireplace, tv and comfy clothes.

So today Banjo Man and I are talking about Thanksgiving and waiting for the big game at 4:30 this afternoon.  The Patriots play the Dallas Cowboys and it should be a great game.  The rain is pouring down with no sign of stopping until later tonight.  The ball will be wet.  The field will be slippery.  Which means a lot of crazy things can happen.

I will be on the couch stitching “sleeves” onto the backs of two quilts that I hope to have hung before Thanksgiving.  It’s time to add some color to blank white walls.  I’ve hung antique quilts before but never my own, but Banjo Man says it’s time they came out of the closets.

We’ve been listening to a New Orleans Christmas cd (I know you’re groaning that it’s too early for that) and we might have even done some dancing together in the living room this morning.  Who can resist, “It’s Christmas Time in New Orleans”?

Not us, apparently.









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2 Responses to in pieces

  1. Ellie says:

    It sounds like Janou’s visit was just what you both needed. A connection of hearts and long time friendship. What a heartfelt reunion. Wishing you and Banjo Man warm and loving holiday with family and friends.🥰 Sending love from Hope💖

  2. Marge Fridrich says:

    While living in Tucson , I called my old revered retired pastor in Omaha to express my frustration
    that our Tucson pastor was putting conditions on what carols we could sing before Christmas.
    At the end the Omaha pastor’s sermons one felt you had been in a college lecture. So, so good.
    When I finished my questions to him he said, ( Oh some people get carried away with what you can sing and when. You can sing Christmas songs in July and cowboy songs at Christmas if you wish.”)

    I say, (DANCE AWAY!!!)

    I say

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