on the wall in 2020


My Scrappy  Spiderweb quilt finds a home.

It’s actually more colorful than the photo shows.  This space above the stairs used to display an antique quilt top, one I’d also framed and hung above the couch in our old Idaho home.  It finally disintegrated from sun damage and Banjo Man’s foolish attempt to wash it.


But this is better.  And it’s the first time I’ve ever hung one of my quilts.  We enjoyed doing it so much we hung a smaller one on the opposite wall going down the stairs to the lower level.

I don’t know why I’d never done this before, but I am thrilled to see my quilts being displayed.

A quilt-hanging system called “Hang It Dang It” made it easy and possible to hang the very heavy Spiderweb quilt with one nail.  Banjo Man found a stud and we were all set.

Here’s the info, in case you have a quilt you’d like to display:  https://www.hangitdangit.com/



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3 Responses to on the wall in 2020

  1. Ellen says:


  2. Ellie says:

    Wow! Your talent never ceases to amaze me! This spiderweb quilt is beautiful! I’m glad it is on your wall, so it can bring a happy joyful dance to your day!

  3. Marjorie Fridrich says:

    Just beautiful. A perfect spot. True art.

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