in search of the sound

This morning Banjo Man popped into my office and said, “You have to come listen to the ocean!”

Our house is a five-minute drive from the beach and there are times when the wind whips up the sound of crashing waves and sends it right to us.

We stood on the front steps and heard the roar.  And then we got in the car to go see for ourselves.  Surely the sound of the ocean meant the waves would be impressive.

We were surprised to discover they weren’t.  East Matunuck State Beach was windy, of course, with gray skies and rain coming soon.  But while the waves were rolling, they weren’t impressive.

So off we went to Matunuck Town Beach in search of louder wind and bigger waves.  I made this video for you.  Hopefully you can hear the wind and enjoy a minute of March winds along the New England coast.

Note: there are no cases of corona virus on this beach.

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3 Responses to in search of the sound

  1. Tom F says:

    Pretty magnificent – not what we get in Nebraska.

  2. Phyllis NOlan says:

    Wow…felt like I was there. Thanks for a bit of ocean.

  3. Marge Fridrich says:

    Thanks for a bit of respite.

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