life in the time of the virus

I feel very fortunate to live in the country.


Self-isolating with Banjo Man on a Sunday morning beach walk.

We have plenty of toilet paper (I am one of those people who always had extra even though members of my family thought it was extreme).  We also have tons of food, due to the fact that we buy too much in normal times and Banjo Man can’t resist a sale.  He actually went to several grocery stores Friday and snagged the last two packages of English muffins, a hunk of cheddar cheese, a gallon of milk and some frozen vegetables.

I used my leftover Thanksgiving turkey breasts last week and made these:


This was my first post-cancer cooking extravaganza and it felt good (though it took me two days to recover!).  I assembled these in order to use up food in the freezer and in the cupboard, not thinking of Self-Isolation Meals.  Instead I was focused on “when I feel better we’ll have people over for dinner” meals.

I am sad that the YMCA has shut down.  I dearly loved my water aerobics and water arthritis classes and I was there four mornings a week.  Six weeks of water therapy had eased the pain in my chest from the radiation scarring, plus had given me much more stamina (the proof is in the enchiladas).

And there’s nothing like being dipped in chlorine for an hour a day to make you feel germ-free and powerful.

I will miss it so much.

Here’s how the Funny Grandson is self-isolating in Texas:


Is there anything more fun than a tent in the living room on school vacation?

Banjo Man is jealous.  And I wish I was in that tent playing UNO.

Stay safe, everyone.  






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1 Response to life in the time of the virus

  1. Ruth says:

    Loving the tent! I could use one of those myself! Bad news about the pool. I can see Banjo Man now…planning a solarium with a heated pool in the back yard! I could start encouraging that if you like the idea!

    For now…may we all stay safe until this nasty little bug goes away.

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