day 10 and the ocean beckons

We’ve taken several walks down by the ocean this past week.  I tried walking on the beach, but the sciatica in my leg protested.  I can walk, but I need a flat surface.

So we “walked the wall”, the long sidewalk along the sea wall in Narragansett.  This was taken last Tuesday, late afternoon.


A popular walk for locals, tourists and their dogs.


In the distance is Narragansett beach.

On Saturday I needed to drop off some medical papers for my mother in town, so afterwards I decided to swing by the ocean and possibly walk the wall for a little while on my own (Banjo Man decided to stay home at his desk).

Here’s what it looked like:


It was a gorgeous afternoon and lots and lots of people were taking advantage of the sunshine and fresh ocean air.  The traffic felt like July.

I eventually found a place to park, but decided to stay in the car and open the windows.  I played Ben’s cd and relaxed for long, lovely minutes to the sound of his voice.

Monday morning our governor and assorted health officials announced that they were not pleased.   Various parks and beaches around the state had attracted lots of people last weekend, possibly violating the “no congregating” directives.  But I only saw groups of two, with and without dogs.  And three teenaged boys with fishing poles.  Were people six feet apart?  Pretty much.  It’s not like anyone was having a party.

We all just wanted some fresh air.  Some ocean sounds.  A view of the bay instead of our televisions and computer monitors.  Some exercise in the sunshine.

There are lots of anti-virus restrictions Rhode Islanders are willingly putting up with:  long lines at the grocery store, rations of chicken and hamburger and toilet paper, closures of our favorite restaurants and postponement of medical treatments.

But if the Powers That Be close the beaches?  I can’t imagine!  We love our beaches, our walks in the sand, our searches for “special” rocks and the rare piece of sea glass.

We need the fresh air.  And don’t we all!!!


Nothing stops the surfers.

My goal is to breathe in some ocean air every single day.

What are you doing to stay healthy and grounded?









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1 Response to day 10 and the ocean beckons

  1. Ruth says:

    Believe it or no…but being able to still work from home is keeping me grounded! Nothing like a face-time conference call to take a person back to the “good old days”!

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