day 15 and it’s time for a ride

I have been out of the house three times in 15 days.***  That might sound like a lot, considering the enormous self-isolation being imposed and asked for by our various leaders.  But once was in extremely sanitary conditions as we moved my mother from her assisted living facility (where I was screened by having my temperature taken) to a nursing home (where we had to remain in the driveway).   I saw two people, tops.

Another trip was a brief outing to our mini-CVS where I bought batteries for our thermometer.  It took all of five minutes and then I fled to the car to wipe myself and my battery package with antiseptic wipes.

The third trip was again to the mini-CVS to pick up a prescription.  You see, despite having been isolated for two weeks I somehow picked up an ear and throat infection.  We cannot figure out how.  Was it on the mail?  On the Amazon delivery boxes?  I have seen no one and done nothing, honest.  We even ordered our groceries online this week because I wouldn’t let Banjo Man go to the grocery store.

Everyone else we know is going to the grocery store.  

I have tried to find something positive about this isolation.   Let’s see…I can wear the same clothes four days in a row.  I don’t have to wash my hair every other day.  Sometimes I think about it and then I shrug, why bother?

Is this too much information?

I will be a pretty princess once again, someday, when this Eternal Virus Nightmare has ended.  We women will all come out of our caves with our hair fixed, our make up and earrings on.  And won’t that be a beautiful day!!

When I called my doctor about my ear infection I prayed he wouldn’t ask me to come to the office.  It would have taken an enormous amount of effort to be presentable.  Lucky for me he prescribed an antibiotic via the phone and then we chatted a while about how weird life was in the Time of Corona.


Okay, we only went to the dump, but it was fabulous.  A gray day, a bit chilly, but what the heck!  It was wonderful to take a ride.

I don’t think Rhode Islanders are supposedly to be joy-riding and gallivanting around the state right now, but we had a good excuse to be rolling down the highway.

There he is:

IMG_4089My chauffeur is getting rid of Amazon boxes.

We were on the lookout for New York license plates.  Have you heard that New Yorkers are being met by state troopers at the Connecticut/Rhode Island border, ferries, airports and train stations.  We have a lot of NY’ers with summers homes here in southern Rhode  Island.  And many are understandably fleeing the hot spot that is NYC to take refuge down here along the coast.

Unfortunately they are bringing Covid 19 with them to upstate New York and Florida, other popular places for summer homes.

So they are being told to go right to their houses and self-quarantine for fourteen days.  Do not stop at the grocery store.  Do not stop at the liquor store.  Just go home, uncover the furniture and enjoy the ocean view.

Will that work?  I don’t know.  I heard that the seafood stores down at the docks had sold out of lobsters (which are cheap and plentiful due to the closing of restaurants) and the parking lots were filled with cars with NY license plates.

So it’s best to stay home.  And safe.

With or without lobster.

***aside from solitary trips to the ocean!

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1 Response to day 15 and it’s time for a ride

  1. Ruth Gobeille says:

    Amen, sister! I feel for all businesses in this terrible mess and hope the lobstermen and women are fully suited up in protective gear and rubber gloves. And wash the money the New Yorkers pay them with!

    No offence to New Yorkers, but my goodness folks…what are you thinking?

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