moving day amidst the virus


A very quiet Main Street meant plenty of parking spaces.

This day took weeks to accomplish.  In the time of the Evil Virus, nothing is easy.  We all know that, don’t we!

The administrators of my mother’s former home, a lovely studio apartment in an assisted living complex, eventually agreed to let me and a couple of movers empty her place of her furniture.  Daughter Nancy, who works at that facility, was (thank God) able to pack up everything that could be put in a car and had been delivering it to me for sorting and storing.

It had taken weeks to find a moving company willing to take the job.  I was getting pretty frustrated, as time was running out and there was no way Banjo Man and I could move a small couch, entertainment center and bed by ourselves.  Even if we had a truck, which we don’t.

It all worked out.  And I will be eternally grateful for how nice everyone was.  In these very stressful times, I think it might be hard to be nice.  But it’s more important than ever, of course.  And the two sweet young men who agreed to the health protocols (temperatures taken, forms filled out, wearing masks and gloves) were nothing but helpful.

As were the nurses and housekeepers and CNA’s.  Such kindness and caring is appreciated more than anyone could imagine.

Nancy and I led the moving van to her second-floor apartment (she was giving the couch and a dresser a home) and then to my house to drop off the rest before heading to the dump.

It was a gorgeous day.  I’d expected something to go wrong, but nothing did.  So over the next couple of weeks I’ll go through Mom’s stuff and see what can be donated (when the stores start taking donations) and what she will need in the nursing home.

Here’s something funny that was on Bonnie Hunter’s website yesterday:

fabric stay at home

One of the last remaining quilt fabric stores within an hour radius of my house announced its closing yesterday.  Driving to Mystic, CT to look at fabric and enjoy a lunch out and a view of the estuary was always a treat.

I’m afraid this is just the beginning of small shops closing down.

Quilters are good at staying home.  There are all sorts of online “quilt-a-longs” via blogs and websites and online shops to keep the sewers entertained.  Many groups are making masks.  I watched a video on how to make them and intended to sew my little fingers off for local fireman, etc. but discovered there is no elastic.

Ordering online means waiting until mid-May or later to get a spool.  And I refuse to believe that things won’t be greatly improved by the middle of May.

My mantra:  This can’t last forever.

Hang in there.  Stay safe.  Stay home.






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2 Responses to moving day amidst the virus

  1. Marjorie Fridrich says:

    So happy all went well at this stressful time.
    So so sad to watch small businesses close.
    Be safe.

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