no tiptoeing through the tulips, please


Tulip bouquets ready for pick up at Wicked Tulip Farm.

Even though they couldn’t hold their very popular “U Pick” events at the Tulip Farm, the owners found a way for people to being tulips home.  We signed up online, picked a day and time, paid online and printed out a receipt with a bar code.

It worked beautifully.


We followed directions.  Banjo Man put on his mask so he could roll down his window and get his instructions.


Under the tulip tent.


Waiting their turn.

The tulip workers opened the back of our car and tucked two bouquets inside.  One for me, one for daughter Nancy (she loves tulips, too!).

Tulips and daffodils are my favorite flowers.  How can you not love them?


They lift my heart and make me smile.

I hope you are seeing tulips and spring flowers where you are.  We need them now, especially.


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