like it or not

Have you ever been about 2/3 into a project and realized it really isn’t that good, but you need to keep going anyway because it’s too late to quit and you absolutely have to finish?

That’s what happened yesterday after I arranged fifty blocks on my bed and then cut the setting triangles.


One corner done, for better or worse.

I was no longer impressed with this quilt, but it was too late to quit.  Like it or not, this would be a quilt.

That used to happen once in a while when I was writing for Harlequin.  A story I thought was fun and interesting and nicely structured would turn into the opposite.  But I’d have no choice but to suck it up and keep going and hope for the best.

As I would with the Evil Virus Sewing Project.

It’s not like I have anything else to do.


Sewing rows together.

I designed this quilt to fit on an XL twin bed at the lake house, so I’m going to keep going and get it done within the next 34 days.

The rain is pelting down as I type this and is supposed to continue for two more days.  Oh, joy.  Normally on a stormy morning I would put soup ingredients in the crock pot and have a cozy meal ready for later on, but our freezer is full of plastic containers of leftover soups and Banjo Man gets a stricken look on his face every time I mention making another one.

We will be defrosting dinner again tonight.

And I will keep stitching and trimming and pinning into oblivion.




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2 Responses to like it or not

  1. Ellen Lessmann says:

    I know this feeling—I have been working on UFOs from the past, and what looked good to me in 1970-2000 has often lost the appeal, looks horribly dated, and maybe was never a good idea. I decided I do NOT care, finished is better that unfinished, and the price is right.
    I think your lake house project is fine. It has a bit of a vintage vibe, and the restful colors fit right in for a lake house.

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