six feet sunday



Temperatures reached 67 degrees for a short period of time on Sunday afternoon, so it was time for the visit that Barb and I had been talking about for a month.

“The first warm day,” we’d assured each other, “we’ll sit outside and have a visit.”

I brought a tequila cocktail.  Banjo Man brought cheese and crackers.  The guys drank beer and Barb enjoyed a bottle of pear cider.

We were so happy.


A cooler made a great table.

It was lovely to have someone to talk to besides Banjo Man, not that he isn’t the most fascinating conversationalist in the universe.  Still…

So we hope to do it again.  Probably on our patio.  Maybe even on Mother’s Day, if the weather cooperates (which it might not).  Six Feet Sundays could become an event to look forward to.


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