dining out


Friday morning Banjo Man and I could come to no decision as to where we would go for “Take Out Friday”, our weekly big night in.

Then a text appeared from Angela offering a delivered dinner from a fancy, local Italian restaurant.  “Check the menu,” she wrote, “and I’ll order it and bring it to you after work, around six.”


The excitement built all day until Banjo Man said, “We should dress up.”


I dug out daughter Nancy’s high school prom gown from the back of my closet.  I stitched up the shoulder straps and cut 4″ from the hem and topped it with a thrift-store velvet jacket.  I also located my collection of rhinestone jewelry and a tiara (also Nancy’s).  While I was decorating myself with glittering jewels, my husband put on a suit and hauled a table and chairs out to the driveway.


Needless to say, Angela was laughing really hard when she drove up.  We poured her a glass of wine and, with six feet between us, had a wonderful visit.

And the food?  She brought us our dinners, along with bread and a bottle of wine.  I love that woman!  When I think of what she has done for me this past year I want to sob in gratitude.

After Angela headed home to dinner with Jeff, we took our meals inside and ate at the dining room table while listening to our favorite “Music of Tuscany” cd.  We polished off the wine and staggered off to bed at nine o’clock.

For a few hours we’d had a great time, despite the Evil Virus.  We loved being “normal” again.


My date for the past 50 years.


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3 Responses to dining out

  1. Phyllis says:

    Love making lemonade out of lemons!

  2. Mary perron says:

    I absolutely love this. Your friend Angela is a treasure, I’m sure. Look at the two of you. All dressed up and “somewhere to go.” Hugs from Sandpoint

  3. Tom F says:

    What a wonderful way to celebrate – celebrate what? It isn’t raining and June is getting closer,

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