keeping it real

This afternoon I will attempt my first “inside”, non-medical errand in ten weeks:  going to the recently reopened AAA office to apply for a Real ID.

I have my mask, my hand sanitizer, my antiseptic wipes and all (hopefully) of the necessary paperwork.

This “gold star” drivers license was to be required for boarding airplanes starting October 15, but now that date has been pushed back.  But my RI driver’s license expires in December and I’m not going to be in Rhode Island for a few months, so I didn’t want to leave this chore until November.  I’ve heard some horror stories about how many trips it takes to the Motor Vehicle Registry to comply with the necessary paperwork requirements, so I thought I’d start the process now, in my last weeks in the state.

I’d actually planned to do this in February, when  Banjo Man was in Nebraska with his family.  But I kept postponing that trip to town–I was tired, it was cold out, blah, blah.  I postponed other things, too, like trips to my mother’s banks to combine accounts and to get my hair cut.  There was always next week.

Well, we all know how that went.  I really, really wish I hadn’t procrastinated in February.  Lesson learned.

These last two weeks going to physical therapy have been strangely enjoyable.  Imagine having to be somewhere at a specific time!  Putting make up on.  Fixing my hair.  Finding clothes that match.  Wearing socks that aren’t covered with pieces of thread.  Chatting with someone other than Banjo Man.

Oh, the joy!  

So I ask, have you ventured out to run an errand?  Bought groceries?  Gone to the Post Office?  Been to a salon?

I have done none of those things and have no plans to.  Maybe in June…





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2 Responses to keeping it real

  1. Marge Fridrich says:

    Only to vote.
    Perfectly happy to clean cupboards, drawers, files and a few minor sewing details here at home. 🌸

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