memorial day 2020

Have you heard of “Taps Across America”?

At 3:00 this afternoon, wherever you are, musicians are asked to play TAPS and people are encouraged to open their windows or stand on their porches to hear the song and pay their respects to those who have died in service to the country.

I’m planning to stand at the end of our driveway and play TAPS on the violin.  I doubt if anyone will hear me–we live in the country–but I want to participate anyway.  If there was ever a time to come together as Americans, this is it.

Wherever you are at 3 PM, open your windows or go outside and listen.  I hope you hear the music.


The flag that hung in the Philippines during WWII when my father was fighting the Japanese.   Photo taken at the WWII Museum in New Orleans in 2016.



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5 Responses to memorial day 2020

  1. Connie Burkhart says:

    I had not heard about this, but I plan to join you. I will crank up the B3, open the windows and door in my basement, and play. Trust me, the neighbors will be able to hear it, even tho they are a half-mile or more away….. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I wish I was parked in your driveway (aka social distancing) to hear you.

  3. Tom F says:

    Maybe Glen can do a video and you can post it –

  4. No way! I’d need more than a couple of days to practice.

  5. rbnorth66 says:

    I did it. I played Amazing Grace first. Then Taps. Jon said he heard it. 🙂 (He was upstairs)

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