she did me a favor

So…everyone is asking me how I think I caught Covid when Banjo Man and I have been SO GOOD about staying home, having our groceries delivered, our prescriptions mailed to us, etc.

March 17, early in the lock down process, I went to CVS to buy batteries (the round silver kind) for our thermometer (it drains batteries and I hate it).  I was in “prepare for Corona” mode.  The clerk behind the counter, the woman who guarded the battery display behind her, wanted to chat.  She has been a reader of my books for many years and is always happy to see me.

In the process of our conversation, she started coughing and said, “I’m SO SICK.  I have STREP THROAT.  I have a FEVER.”

I backed away, kept smiling and hurried out of the store.  Once in the car I sanitized the battery package, my wallet, the car keys, my phone, my glasses and anything else I could see.  I think I even wrote on my blog that I thought I’d risked my life to go to CVS to buy batteries.  And of course I was joking at the time.

Back in mid-March we knew nothing about “droplets” and we were told not to bother wearing masks.  How things have changed!!

A week later I started feeling sick, but I wondered if it was my imagination.  After all, we were in quarantine!

After a few days with a little cough and a mild fever I called my doctor, who prescribed antibiotics.  Neither one of us imagined that Corona (as it was called back then) was the culprit.  The symptoms were just not that overwhelming and I didn’t feel sick, just cold and tired.  And with a strange little wheezing in my throat.

As you know, up until early May I rarely ever ventured out of the house unless it was to take a ride in the car.  That was it.

Now two weeks before I was sick, I’d had a meeting with the director of a funeral home, an appointment with my doctor and lunch with a friend.  None of those people came down with the virus (I asked).

If you think you had an odd “little bug” in 2020, you might want to consider having the antibody test.  It’s not cheap.  You have to go to a lab and get blood drawn.  You need a comprehensive series of tests performed to get accurate results.

But the relief of having had those test results is SO WONDERFUL.  I’d grown so tired of feeling afraid and stressed and worried all of the time.  And now I don’t have to.

It’s such a good feeling.

I wish we could all feel this way.




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1 Response to she did me a favor

  1. Cynthia Fitchett says:

    Kristine—so glad you are well and didn’t have more serious symptoms! Stay well!

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