what’s going on


I have an owl who loves to sit on this tree branch outside of my living room window.  It must be a terrific perch from which to spot his prey.


Lobsters are on sale.  We bought four and made lobster rolls.


Yesterday I cooked a special “summer” breakfast.  It wasn’t quite June yet, but it was the end of yet another stressful month and absolutely time to celebrate the coming summer.


A local Mexican restaurant has solved the state’s indoor dining restrictions and has turned one side of their large parking lot into an impromptu patio.  Impressive!  Now I’m dying for a taco.

And one last note:  the hair salons open today!  I have a much-needed appointment with Sue on Wednesday.  Oh joy!!!

I think they should serve champagne.

When do salons open in your state?  Have you had your hair done yet?  


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2 Responses to what’s going on

  1. Cynthia Fitchett says:

    Hair salons opened here in mid-May. And yes–I was the first customer for my hairdresser! Thank goodness!!!

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