over and out

We’re packing.

Time is running out and the pressure is on, but that’s okay.  It happens every time, so we’re cranky and stressed but keeping our eye on the prize:  summer at the lake.

I haven’t blogged for a few days because with the state of the country the way it is, I’ve been either (a) glued to the news or (b) self-medicating by watching “Find My Lottery Dream Home” on HGTV.  There is something about watching happy people shopping for a home in which to be happy that serves as an excellent stress-reliever.

And I am still waiting for my anti-depressant to kick in.

It is raining paperwork here as I work with a very patient lawyer to settle my mother’s estate.  I’d hoped to have it done before I left but there is something from the town that won’t be finalized until after June 18 so I can no nothing more.  At least here in Rhode Island.

So now that I’ve signed more papers at the lawyer’s office, I will finish the rest of the laundry and return to cleaning my refrigerator.  It is hot and muggy today–welcome to summer in Rhode Island!–so I’m sure the recently-opened beaches are packed with very happy sun lovers.

I’m happy to home with my suitcases.

Today is the anniversary of D-Day.  I am filled with gratitude.



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