playing games


The Funny Grandson and I enjoy a good game of UNO whenever we’re lucky enough to be together.  Complete with trash talk, victory laps and ice cream bars, it would never be described as a quiet activity.

So during the time of the Evil Virus Lockdown, we had to figure out a way to play.

Enter Face Time Uno!  We each have our own deck of cards, our own card shuffler, and access to Face Time.  We deal our own hands and hold each card to be played up to the camera.  We can see each other and we can yell with disgust or screech with joy.  The only things missing are the traditional victory laps around the living room and the ice cream bars.

We still have a good time, though the Funny Grandson’s father frequently admonishes him to “keep it down”.

How do you “keep it down” when Face Time UNO is so much fun???


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