an anniversary

We are here at the lake!

I think I need to say that again:  We are here at the lake!!!


Flying from Providence to Spokane was easy and exhausting and just plain weird.  The airports were almost empty.  The few passengers wore masks.  The planes were about 1/4 full.  The flight attendants said, “Spread out!”

Finally in Las Vegas there was food.  A Burger King was open and we raced into the line like starving wildebeests.  I had brought three kinds of trail mix with me, but we all know it doesn’t take long to get sick of it unless you’re starving on a mountain hike.

We spent the night in Spokane and my wonderful brother-in-law George picked us up the next morning.  We headed to the lake.

Thank God.

This past year I had my doubts as to whether I would ever see it again.  There have been some pretty bad days, especially during the worst of the virus lockdown when travel was banned.  As we got closer to June 8th, I didn’t even want Banjo Man to drive to town for fear of accidents.  I have been a wreck and not even CBD oil could calm the anxiety.

The bright, shining, glorious news last month was having Covid antibodies and I am grateful.

Today is the year anniversary of my cancer surgery, when many people worked together  to save my life.  I remember getting a pink tote bag of gifts from a breast cancer organization and reluctantly taking it just to be polite.  I didn’t want to be part of the club and I didn’t want a damn pink bag!

I got over it.

I thank you all for reading about this Year of Cancer.  You sent loving comments and gifts and support and my heart needed all of that desperately.

You will never know how much.

I admit to crying a lot–I prefer to call it “leaking stress”—but it has been a long Spring and I have lost my mother and I miss my parents (most of you know how that goes) and the loneliness continues. I rarely cried at all during the months of cancer treatment as it was easier to be stoic in front of strangers, but I guess it had to come out sometime.

But on the bright side?  I went to the quilt store in town here and bought fabric.  No one wore masks and everyone talked to me and it was so lovely and normal that afterwards I sat in the car and sobbed with relief.

And son Will arrives tomorrow!!!  How wonderful is that!!!!

So no more blogging about breast cancer.  Tomorrow starts a new year.

My love to you all.


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5 Responses to an anniversary

  1. TomF says:

    and to you Kristine!

  2. Ruth Gobeille says:

    Happy, happy anniversary…and the end to the past “year of wonders”. Today is the first day of the rest of your beautiful life.

    Smell that glorious lake/mountain air…AND an open fabric store. AND son Will!

    How great is all that!❤

  3. Bill & Ruth McEneaney says:

    You have come through this very difficult year with strength and grace. You are a survivor.
    Now, relax and enjoy the beautiful view and the glorious weather!
    Love and hugs (real or virtual) to all!
    Bill & Ruth

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