saturday june 20 at the lake

Well, I just spent two hours trying to sync the photos on my phone to my new laptop.  I thought I’d done it, but…no.  There are pictures on the computer somewhere, but I can’t find them.  Excuse me while I scream.

So you will get no sunset or storm or geese pictures from me this afternoon.

Maybe tomorrow.

All is well, though.  We have quarantined and taken all necessary precautions.  Banjo Man’s quarantine ends on Tuesday, but he will still wear his mask in public.

Son Will has to wait another week, but so far he looks pretty darn healthy.

We have eaten a lot of pie from The Pantry.  I love the peach.  George loves the cherry.  Banjo Man likes it all, and Will declared the “Multi Berry” pie the best pie he’d ever had in his life.

We have played dominoes and cards each evening.  Outside the weeds have been whacked and all Trex surfaces power-washed.  The kayaks are on the beach, as are some chairs.

Arrowheads have been discovered.  Yes, already.  Will is some kind of miracle hunter.

Again…I can’t access the photos with which to impress you.

It is very relaxed here, and I don’t mean just on our little property.   The few people I’ve come in contact with are happy and smiling.  The stress of the past months is dissipating, at least for Banjo Man and me.  Will has been decompressing since leaving the heat (and virus and protesters) in Texas.  I’ve seen his mood alter daily and now he is his normal cheerful self.

Not so when he arrived.

George returns home tomorrow, unfortunately.  But we’ve enjoyed our days together.

The weather has mostly been cool and cloudy but of course we don’t care.  I’m waiting for July, with sunshine and kayaking and days on the beach spent reading and watching the boats go by.

Photos soon, I promise!



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1 Response to saturday june 20 at the lake

  1. Pat says:

    Sunshine and kayaking and Peaches! So happy you’re all enjoying this well earned getaway.
    Carry on!

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