they are out there somewhere

arrowheads (2)

Will has been renamed “The Hunter”.  He found these in one evening, the first evening he was on the beach in 2020.

Two are chips, of course.  But the one second from the left is the real thing.

We remain amazed.

He also caught a foot-long bass the first time he put a worm in the water.

We want him to buy a lottery ticket!

Sunday evening (when the light was right) I joined him on an arrowhead hunt.  We sorted through a lot of wet rocks, but didn’t come up with anything.  We could search all summer and not find another arrowhead on the beach so we will admire the one Will found for the rest of our time here.

But I will not stop looking.  We are going to develop a system and possibly a grid.  I’m psyched.

The sun has come out and summer weather has moved in, as of yesterday.  Oh, joy!

Time to take my coffee down to the dock…


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2 Responses to they are out there somewhere

  1. Tom Fitchett says:

    A great speciman !

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