an almost-birthday treat


Guess who went fishing this morning?  Banjo Man and Will climbed into Bob’s boat about twenty minutes ago.  I hope they come home with dinner!  They certainly were excited about the prospect of catching “the big one”.

Tomorrow is Banjo Man’s birthday and he has requested make-your-own flatbread pizzas (on the grill) for dinner.   And I will make his favorite, a pineapple cake, for dessert.  With homemade ice cream.  We will kayak at sunset, as per the birthday guy’s request.  Temps are supposed to reach 98, so we’ll wait and see.

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon in the water.  Just me, the lake and a bright blue raft.  The water has warmed up and, despite the 93 temperature, it wasn’t too hot to be bobbing around in the water.  I alternated between sun and shade…and then there was even a little breeze.

I’ll be back again this afternoon, after a quick trip to Walmart and the Peach Man this morning.

Check out the new patio and the new umbrella:


My new hideaway.

Hurray for summer!


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4 Responses to an almost-birthday treat

  1. Tom F says:

    What a perfect setup under the umbrella

  2. Cynthia Fitchett says:

    Sounds wonderful!

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