pearl island

This morning, while having “Happy Birthday” coffee on the deck, Banjo Man explained that SIXTY YEARS AGO he’d spent his birthday on Pearl Island.

In case you’re wondering, he was 19 at the time.

Here’s a link to a Facebook page where you can see photos:

Here’s a link if you want to know more about the history of the island:

Pearl Island: From family homestead to island for the people

Banjo Man and I canoed over to “Pearl” in 1971.  And went by boat other summers for picnics.  It was a treasured vacation spot for the Kalispel Indians, as were the other islands in the lake.

Yesterday on his fishing trip with Bob, they cruised past Pearl.  It would have looked like the photo above.  Beautiful, isn’t it?

This morning I’m making the looked-forward-to pineapple cake, a Banjo Man birthday tradition.  And then a quick trip to the Pantry for freshly baked sourdough bread.

It is going to be 98 this afternoon.  Which means I will be in the lake, floating on my raft and staying cool, and Banjo Man will be ordered to leave his computer and join me in the water.  He’ll most likely tell me all about his Pearl Island birthday again.

What were you doing sixty years ago?

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4 Responses to pearl island

  1. Phyllis says:

    60 years ago, I was preparing for my last year of college. Dad had dissuaded me from quitting! Happy Birthday to Banjo Man. Hope he got my card in the Clark Fork general delivery.. Hugs to all.

  2. Ruth Gobeille says:

    I was 13 years old…in Junior High School…8th grade. Singing in choir with my future husband. We just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary!

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