more fort benton, day three

After putting 6000 steps on my Fitbit, I sat on a bench along the Missouri and had a nourishing snack.


Fort Benton’s scenic downtown:


Inside the sheriff’s office at the Homestead Village.  The two jail cells were very, very creepy.


The Missouri, which meanders across the street from the town’s main street.


We hated to leave, we really did.  But there were no available rooms at the Grand Union and we had reservations in Choteau.  Miles to go before we sleep, in other words.

Two long hours later we arrived in Choteau around 8 PM and checked into the Stage Stop Inn (it was wonderful).  The lady behind the desk recommended the Log Cabin Cafe for dinner.


He loved the Southwestern salad.

Will had an open-faced chili burger.  I was too tired to eat anything but a small piece of chicken and a mound of mashed potatoes.  I wish I lived next door to the Log Cabin Cafe and could eat there every day.  There was pie, but we were too full.  Banjo Man could not stop talking about Fort Benton and everything he’d seen.  Will was equally amazed

The waitress did not wear a mask–no one did–and it was so lovely to see someone smile!  We talked about it for a couple of days.  What a wonderful change from masks!

And then it was back to the Stage Stop Inn and to bed.  We needed to be up and out early to head north to learn about dinosaurs…



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  1. rbnorth66 says:

    David, Jon and I stayed at the Stage Stop Inn a couple of years ago. We went on a dinosaur dig at Bynum. Also ate dinner at the Log Cabin. Yes, their pie was good. The dig was very interesting.

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