where there’s a will…

We arrived here at the lake in early June, amidst the cool weather and plenty of clouds.  And Covid.  Naturally everyone was afraid of the virus, so we were careful to quarantine for two weeks after our flights from back East.

I was so afraid I would spend the summer all by myself, as I’d spent a very long spring.  There is a quilt shop here in town, so I went there and bought fabric.  Would I spend the summer cutting and sewing?  Probably.  Was my Texas family coming?  Maybe not.  Would I see my friends?  I had no idea.

I cried all the way back to the lake.

But the isolation didn’t last forever, thank goodness.  Check out the social distancing on the side of the mountain near Bull River in June.

 We appreciated the fire.

Social distancing?  Absolutely.  Outside?  What could be better!

Fortunately for my mental health, we found ways to get together these past four  months.  It’s all about the outdoors, of course.

Corn hole game.

Dancing Mandolin Players luncheon for the Montana and Peninsula gals.

Outdoor dining.

Dinner for two with my French Friend Janou!

A morning with DMP visiting farm stands.

Looking for the rise of the moon.

A self-distancing Montana lunch and mini baby shower.

How about a late September cocktail party?  Nine of us managed to stay safe while drinking wine and filling our plates with yummy food.

Hospitality at the Border.


My Texas family did indeed make the trip to Idaho.   They drove, brought their own sheets and sleeping bags into the hotel rooms, used face masks and ate at drive-through restaurants.  They were determined to get here safely and so they did.  We had a ball.

Looking for fish.

And now we’re busy packing up, cleaning up, picking up.  We only have a few days left before heading back to New England and whatever faces us there in relation to the virus.  We’ll quarantine again.  I’ll unpack my velvet pumpkins and bake pumpkin muffins.  My November is filled with medical tests and procedures, but there is Thanksgiving to look forward to.

Once again, we’ll find a way.

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2 Responses to where there’s a will…

  1. Tom F says:

    What a great bunch of pictures, especially the food!

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