cabin joy

Banjo Man has a cabin.  And he loves it very much.

Many of you reading this already know that.

This fall the cabin got a new roof, a new porch, new screens, new supports and–ta da!–a floor.  The excitement of the floor cannot be sufficiently described.  Let’s just say that joy = pine tongue and groove.

Banjo Man loves sweeping it.

Son Will and Banjo Man spent several weeks assisting with all of these improvements, while our Montana contractor friend headed the crew and gave advice and instructions and worked alongside of the less-experienced members of my family.

Here’s an older photo of the view of the lake from the cabin.  A lot of those trees are gone now and the view is more dramatic.

Oh, how Banjo Man loves it up there in the mountains!  He’s owned the land since he was a young man, long before I came along.  He is now shopping for a 4Runner to drive up there next summer.  And he is making plans for a new outhouse.

I think there is a wood cookstove and maybe a propane refrigerator in our future.  It’s off-the-grid, folks, and very primitive.

Which is part of its charm.  According to my husband.





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5 Responses to cabin joy

  1. Tom F says:

    What a view !

  2. Phyllis says:

    Wow…so much work, and beautiful results. Enjoy every minute you’re there…and in your thoughts when you aren’t.

  3. Bill McEneaney says:

    Looks great….love that floor!
    Stay healthy and welcome back to RI.

  4. Marge Fridrich says:

    A very famous financial advisor is strongly advising all who can possibly do so to create or obtain an “off the grid” safe place for themselves now in these difficult times. His happens to be a massive working primitive ranch in Argentina but a mountain side in Idaho sounds pretty good, also.
    Go Banjo Man. You could very likely have lots of company. 👍

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