black friday, black saturday, etc.

Are you shopping online more than you ever have in your life?

I am, and I thought I was pretty active online before Covid.  This past month I’ve found myself not only ordering Christmas gifts, but sewing supplies, toothpaste in packs of three, protein bars, cd’s, cleaning supplies and–of course–books.

The highly anticipated air fryer is supposed to be delivered next week.  I can’t wait.

With the demise of the last quilt shop within an hour’s drive, I’ve had to resort to ordering quilt batting, needles and thread online.  I’ve also ordered quilt backing, the extra wide fabric that makes assembling the quilt sandwich so easy when I don’t have enough fabric to sew one together (and two weeks later it still hasn’t arrived).

Quilt batting has also been very elusive.  Is it because thousands of quilters are home and making a zillion quilts while they are holing up in their sewing rooms?  Or is there a break in the cotton supply chain?

I’ve ordered Banjo Man’s vitamins, my prescriptions, a new foot for the sewing machine, makeup, Christmas gifts, and a host of other things, none of which has shown up at my door or in the mailbox yet.

I did get a pack of sewing machine needles last Monday, which was semi-exciting.

It’s very hard to keep track of everything, especially now that even Amazon can’t promise a speedy two-day delivery and many other companies warn that they are delayed at least ten days.

I’ve had to keep lists in my handy-dandy notebook so I don’t forget anything.

Verizon sent a new set top box after finally admitting–after an HOUR AND A HALF negotiating the website and four different “chats”–I needed a new box because the old one was making noises that sounded like it was going to blow itself up.  It arrived 24 hours later, a miracle!

I will keep shopping via computer, though I would love to go into Home Goods and roam around for inspiration and pretty things to give as gifts.  The truth is that I just can’t wear a mask for more than 20 minutes without getting hot and dizzy so I have to plan accordingly.  Last week I raced through Walmart to get Banjo Man’s fruits, vegetables and various health products only to end up in a very long line at the register (at 10 am!).  I finally had to pull the mask off my nose in order not to faint right there in front of the candy bars.

I don’t know what’s the matter with me, because everyone else looks perfectly comfortable (and oblivious to the lack of air) while wearing masks.  So…I’m a wimp.  A wimp who needs to breathe.

Have you bought anything–big, small, weird–online lately?  Are you avoiding stores and staying home?  Or venturing boldly through store aisles to find exactly what you need?

Or have you given up shopping altogether?




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