blowin’ in the wind

Sunday was a gorgeous day, around 38 degrees and sunny.  So what to do?  Take a ride to the beach, of course.  The walls were closing in and we needed to get out of the house for a little while.

Here’s our view of Matunuck Beach.  We had no idea how windy it was or how rough the surf.  In fact, neither one of us could remember ocean wind this strong.  We stayed long enough to take a photo and then scurried back to the parking area.

Lifeguard stands waiting for summer.


Once back in the car–with the heat blasting–we headed to Narragansett Pier to see if the surfers were taking advantage of the waves.

They were.  The waves were smaller and the wind was calmer here, so the Pier area was filled with people like us who wanted to breathe clean ocean air and watch the surfers.

Banjo Man taking pictures.

And then we were on to the Point Judith lighthouse, where the surf was sure to be huge.

It doesn’t look too wild from this photo, but the wind was so bad we could hardly stay on our feet.

Trying to keep my hood on.

We staggered back to the car and drove through Galilee to see the fishing boats and the seafood restaurants.  By Memorial Day it will be bustling again, but on a January Sunday it was empty and everything was closed up tight.

And then home, to turn on the heat and watch football.

We’ve been lucky to have had only one snowstorm this winter, so I won’t complain about wind!  And the ocean air was Covid-free and wonderful.

We must head to the beach more often, just to breathe.



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