life at the zoo

I broke my television Thursday.

Not the giant one in the living room (thank goodness!) but the 32″ tv in the bedroom.  It sits on a little rolling kitchen cart which I spin around and move to the opened French doors that connect the bedroom to my office/sewing room/music room so I can watch tv from there.

While I was struggling to move my bulky design wall (I started a new quilt last week) I bumped the tv, which promptly pitched forward and dangled headfirst from all of its cords.

The screen hit the corner of the cart and broke.

I was very sad.  And that was weird, because up until the last four months I’d hardly ever used it, even though I’d owned it for seven years.  Normally I don’t watch television until evening, when Banjo Man and I settle on the living room couch to stream murder mysteries or historical dramas.  Or, on Monday nights, The Bachelor on ABC.

I much prefer the radio, but I gave up listening to the Rhode Island political news and Covid updates months ago because I know the stress is bad for my health.

No kidding.

So with the pandemic keeping me home, I turned to the television for company while I’m sewing, cleaning, doing paperwork, etc.

I’ve discovered all sorts of interesting shows.  I particularly like the “hunting Nazi’s” shows.  And old episodes of “Below Deck”.  I have a crush on Captain Lee and I wish I could meet Ben, a particularly hilarious chef.

World War II in Color is always a hit, especially when they in the Pacific (where my father served).  As are shows about mysterious places in the world.  And mysterious abandoned buildings.

Archaeological shows are fascinating, too.  If someone has found a mysterious cavern in a long-forgotten pyramid, I’m ready to go along with all that new scientific equipment and see what’s there.

Also, due to Covid Prison, I know a lot about Vikings.  A lot.

And when they’re up in Minnesota writing on large rocks, I’m all in.  I have several episodes of “Secrets of the Viking Stone” on the dvr just so I don’t miss anything.

Have you seen “Secrets of the Zoo”?  On the National Geographic channel, it shows all the behind-the-scenes activities with the animals and their caretakers.  I love it.  As I told friends recently, I have watched so many episodes that I think I could successfully artificially inseminate a rhinoceros–or at least be a valued member of the team.

So you can see why the loss of my television was a big deal.  I immediately ordered a replacement on and then drove south to pick it up.

By the way, this Walmart pick-up service is phenomenal.  I’m heading out now to get this week’s grocery order.

I am also going to put on all of my warm clothes and take a walk.  It was 19 this morning, but the sun is out and the sky is blue.

And “Weaponology”, a history of the US Marine Corps, is on at 3:00.

The Kensington Runestone in Minnesota.

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