damn the groundhog

My friend Dancing Mandolin Player sent me this yesterday.  Very funny and very true!  I just keep stitching and cutting and ironing the hours away.

A “man quilt” in the fabric-selection phase.

We’re expecting more snow and another week of frigid temps, so it’s not like we’re going anywhere.  Our world has turned to ice, never a good thing.

The snowplow driver did a half-assed job and now we can’t drive in or out.  It’s actually worse than what you can see in the photo.  We are waiting for him to return and fix it.

I’d planned on heading to the store tomorrow to buy Super Bowl snacks, but then again…maybe not such a good idea.

Nancy isn’t coming for our weekly dinner tonight, due to the fact that she’d have to park at the top of the road and hike in.  And this ice is no joke!  Better to stay safe and stay home.

And home is where the fabric is.

Since this photo was taken, I’ve cleaned it all up, honest!
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1 Response to damn the groundhog

  1. rbnorth66 says:

    Music stands are so useful. We had a spit of snow this a.m. but I think we might get several inches on Thursday. It does seem like Spring here. Sorry you in the polar vortex, but your quilts are works of art. I love the paisley fabric for your “man” quilt.

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