snow plows, dead sea scrolls and a magpie

After quite a long 48 hours, a snowplow returned to our driveway last night to plow us out and fix the mess that left us trapped before it all froze.  The driver was the owner of the company and wanted to see it for himself.  Hey, I could have texted pictures!

We were very relieved. 

So this morning the sun was shining, the sky was blue and I was able to plan a trip to Westerly.  Unfortunately, I had no errands to do.  No groceries to buy.  I refuse to look at clothes at TJMaxx until the dressing rooms open up.

But I needed to put a card in the mailbox at the Post Office, so there was that.

Banjo Man sensed my excitement and asked if I was going to come back.

I told him that I had a wad of cash and a Visa card and I could cross the Pennsylvania border before dark and before he ventured upstairs to see what we are having for dinner.

He laughed.  Sort of.

Yesterday I stitched 9-patch blocks together all day while streaming old episodes of EXPEDITION UNKNOWN.

I learned a lot about treasure hunting.   And watched three episodes about the Dead Sea Scrolls.  I’ll be streaming more episodes this afternoon after RI’s latest press conference about the Covid vaccinations.

Today the New York Times rated us LAST in vaccine rollouts.   So I imagine there will be some explanations/excuses from the folks on stage.  And hopefully some information as to how and where and when the over-75 folks can get vaccinated.

The state had a hard time getting it done and last Friday turned the whole process over to the cities and towns,  which was a surprise to the cities and towns.  This morning I heard that the most recent plan was to turn the process over to CVS.


We watched this movie on Netflix Sunday night and really enjoyed it.  Based on a true story (and a book), it tells the story of how an abandoned baby magpie helped an Australian family heal from a tragedy.  It’s a lovely, feel-good story…and I guarantee the bird will make you laugh.

We are working our way through an older series called THE TUNNEL.

There are three seasons, which should occupy us for another couple of weeks.

What are you watching?



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