tiptoeing into march

Warmer weather is coming, as are more vaccines.  Things are looking up around here!

A sample of scraps of strings from my “string bin” that were used to make 168 blocks last week.

I keep sewing and waiting for spring and the happy day when stores open their fitting rooms.

Yesterday I found myself at the local CVS Minute Clinic being treated for an ear infection.  For some unknown reason, I tend to get ear infections in March.  It doesn’t matter if I’m in Texas or RI.   And now I know that wearing a mask everywhere plus only going out once a week to buy food doesn’t prevent my annual ear infection.

It’s a mystery.

Getting medical treatment in the Time of Covid is a challenge, as I’m sure many of you know.  Our family doctor retired last month and I transferred my records to a local group of doctors.  Yesterday morning I was to meet with their nurse practitioner for my official first visit/check up.

And yet…I had had a fever the night before.  Because I had had a fever I needed to see a doctor and get antibiotics.   But because I had had a fever I wasn’t allowed to see a doctor.  And because I hadn’t yet seen this particular doctor or nurse I couldn’t get a prescription called in or get a tele-med appointment.

I would not pass the screening at Express Care either.  Unless I lied.  Which was tempting, I admit, as a last ditch attempt to get an antibiotic.

The doctor’s receptionist suggested going to the ER.  Or registering online at the CVS Minute Clinic and taking my chances.   So that’s what I did.  The nurse practitioner at CVS hesitated about seeing me without my getting a rapid Covid test (I had to wait in the car and talk to her on my cell), but when I told her I had already had Covid she said, “Come on in!”

I asked her if she’d had a busy winter and she said absolutely not.  She had only seen one case of flu, compared to an average of fifteen cases a day last year.

A line of happy seniors waited for their vaccines nearby.  She told me that people were getting choked up because they were so relieved to get the vaccine.  I felt that way when Banjo Man got his.

Thirty minutes later I had my antibiotics and headed home to curl up on the couch and watch endless episodes of TIME TEAM, a show about archaeology digs around Britain.  It always puts me to sleep, despite my fascination with the Stone Age.

Today I’m feeling much better and have returned to this week’s project, yet another scrappy quilt.  This time the pieces are from my bin of 5″ squares.

I love sewing half-square triangles.

Especially when these colors remind me of spring.



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4 Responses to tiptoeing into march

  1. Ruth A Gobeille says:

    Sooooo pretty! The Easter Bunny can’t be far away!

  2. Phyllis says:

    Glad you are accomplishing! BTW…we watched Bodyguard. Loved it. Believe it is Netflix. Also loved your recommendation of The Windemere Children.

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