our new little friend

Pardon my finger.

Here is the Beast. Welcome, Beast.

Have you experienced the shortages in lumber, building supplies, caulk, generators, etc. in the country right now? Banjo Man sawa a different generator in a store in town and came home to research it. Two days later he returned to the store to buy one, only to find out they were gone. As in, we don’t know when we will ever get another shipment.

So he saw a friend in the parking lot of Home Depot and the friend gave him some advice on generators and Banjo Man returned to the other store and bought a different model.

We think it’s going to be a huge success.

When we saw a camping stove and a griddle in the same store I insisted we buy it NOW. That’s what you have to do now: buy it when you see it.

In fact, that’s what I have always done with quilting fabric. I buy it when I see it. See? Who knew how smart I am?

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3 Responses to our new little friend

  1. Ellen Lessmann says:

    I love that fabric! What is the story on it?

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