peach man, 2021

I have been to the Peach Man twice now, because that’s what I do at 9 AM on summer Thursday mornings.

But no one in this house ever wants to see another cherry again. Or at least not until 2022.

Last week I bought a case of apricots and a case of peaches. I made peach cobbler and peeled and sliced the rest. Some I froze.

And the apricots? Well, they ripened very fast, which meant that I spent Monday morning pitting apricots and running them through the food processer. 32 cups of pureed apricots are in the freezer waiting for me to have the energy and the inclination to turn them into jam later in the summer.

I thought this would be a really great picture, but instead it looks kind of…disgusting.

Sorry about that.

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2 Responses to peach man, 2021

  1. Ruth Gobeille says:

    My dear…I love apricots and am insanely jealous of your “disgusting pile”. It is beautiful!

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