fires and smoke–it must be august

Photo from the Bonner Daily Bee.

Unfortunately the fires began about a month ago, after multiple lightning strikes. “Dry lightning” is absolutely terrifying.

And rightly so.

Neighbors to the west are on a “Ready, Set, Go” alert. Smoke hangs over the lake. We are sleeping with the windows closed. We long for rain, lots of rain, days of rain.

Yesterday morning I spent a few hours reading on the dock, which was the first time in over a week. The smoke wasn’t terrible and temps hadn’t soared back to 90+, so life was good.

Brother-in-law George has arrived!!! Last night the three of us went to a fundaiser at the community center: fried chicken dinner and live music. It was a warm evening, but we were in the shade and sometimes there was a breeze. Quite the local event and so very enjoyable to catch up with old friends.

For his 80th birthday Banjo Man wanted to go out to dinner at the restaurant in town where “Bruce and Beth” were singing. Bruce is the most talented musician in our area and for several years he coached our mountain band into professionalism. We were in awe. And Beth? Well, she and her partner Cinde were a singing duo back in the 70’s. We were devoted fans…46 years ago.

(The restaurant was closed for a private party and the temp was 100 so we stayed home with the AC and two birthday cakes. )

So you can imagine how happy Banjo Man was last night. Three hours of Bruce and Beth! Fried chicken! Friends galore! Brother George!

I’ll leave you with some music from Beth & Cinde this summer morning…

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2 Responses to fires and smoke–it must be august

  1. Marge says:

    My reply by email. 💕🌸

  2. Marjorie Fridrich says:

    Kristine. That song is stunningly beautiful. Would you please send it to me by email. I want to share it with my children and grandchildren. Thanks so much. M💕🌸

    Sent from my iPhone


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