oktoberfest, 2021

Banjo Man loves to volunteer to serve food at Oktoberfest.

Saturday was the most rain we’d had in one day since January 12. At least, that was what the Spokane weatherman said on his broadcast Saturday night.

We needed it. Desperately. But it certainly put a damper on the annual Memorial Community Center fundraiser, Oktoberfest. Still, we sold 100 bratwurst dinners (and oh, was that a tasty meal!) and who knows how many hot dog dinners.

The dining area looked beautiful, with gorgeous flowers, gourds and blue-diamond table runners. Tents and heaters aided sales of beer and wine and covered the DJ and his equipment. There was music, along with lots of conversations between neighbors who hadn’t seen each other in a while.

But did we need rain? Yes, we did. More than one glass of beer toasted the end of the drought and the end of the fire danger.

And no one went hungry.

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