day one, to anaconda

We got a late start on Wednesday, but it was actually sooner than I expected.

I have some great photos, but I have spent half an hour trying to load them here and nothing works. I used to be able to download photos from my Kindle to WordPress, but I suppose those old brain cells are dead.

Banjo Man unfortunately stumbled upon the Trip advisor website back in August and discovered all sorts of tempting reasons to stay there.

I argued, but I lost.

Which resulted in driving too many miles when we were already exhausted, staying in a funky, vintage, very cold motel, scarfing down pizza at 8:30 pm and “eating” at a supposedly fantastic breakfast place that didn’t actually serve breakfast.

I am not kidding. Why didn’t we find a real cafe? You’d have to ask my husband.

The only way Banjo Man could stop my tears was to sincerely promise never to go on Tripadvisor again.

So…the Mission Mountains were topped with snow, the sky was blue and the road long. We shared a turkey sandwich from the Pantry as we left Clark Fork and headed towards fall and winter in New England.

Stay tuned, as I pick all the other motels…..

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4 Responses to day one, to anaconda

  1. Ruth says:

    Something to cheer far a gorgeous fall here in RI. Excitedly waiting for the trees to change color!

  2. rbnorth66 says:

    Is Banjo Man still with you or is he now riding in the back of the pickup?

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