so long, diablo

Meet my childhood friend, Diablo, a Breyer horse from 1961.  He was a great friend to my Barbie doll, too.

Now that I have turned 70 I have decided I am too old to play with horses.  Well, maybe not the real live ones (I might have another trail ride or two in my future), but certainly the ones I collected when I was a horse-mad girl.

Diablo, according to Ebay, is the only horse in my collection with any monetary value.  The other fifteen or so are porcelain and made in Japan.  Some are beautiful, though.  And might also be Ebay-worthy.  My daughter and I spent several hours yesterday unpacking the plastic bin marked “HORSES” and then scrolling through Ebay listings to see if they were worth anything.

We also ate beef stew and pumpkin pie, took down the Christmas tree and changed the decorations on the mantel.  As far as a first day of 2022, it was a good one.

Rhode Island’s governor has issued yet another mask mandate, so once again I plan to spend the winter inside my house.  It is time for a new purge, starting with horses and hopefully ending with more cleared shelves in the storage room.

I have enough quilting fabric to last through a half dozen more “variants”, so no worries there.  And today I will inventory the freezers and pantries to see what meals we will eat between now and when we leave for Idaho in April.

So…what are you doing this winter?  And what would you do with a dozen “Made in Japan” porcelain horse figurines?



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