halfway through january

Halfway through January.  It’s not exactly “halfway through winter” unless you count December and don’t count March, but it’s close enough to celebrate.

So let’s break out the coffee and party!!!!

It is 9 this morning.  But no snow in sight unless it’s piled up in parking lots.

Which means…Dump Day!  That is our big errand for the day before we start watching the football playoffs and eating soup.  Banjo Man was thrilled with his Pasta Fagioli last night, and my Thai Basil came out great.  Because it was a “warm” (39) day, I stayed out in the unheated kitchen and baked a Nantucket Blueberry Pie Cake, just because I could.  So that was dessert.

Side note:  I had an annual physical, complete with bloodwork, last week with my new GP.  One problem:  a very low B12 count.  Did I feel tired, she asked?  Would I prefer shots or pills?

Tired?  Huh?  I’ll take the pills, thank you, because I don’t feel the least bit tired unless it’s 9:30 PM and then all bets are off.

I keep busy, I explained.  I don’t exactly sit around.  I’ve had those shots before and never felt one bit of difference.

I think she believed me.  If not, I would have shown her pictures of my sewing room.


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2 Responses to halfway through january

  1. Marge fridrich says:

    I love the sewing room!!

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