my ebay life

Remember Diablo?

He has been on Ebay for 8 days and has had 15 bids. He is now going for $144.50. I knew he was a winner!

Six other auctions have bids, too, so I will be busy going to the Post Office next week.

I have over 20 other items to list today and that is going to take many hours.  I emptied three huge bins of vintage drapes and fabric last weekend.  I washed most of it, then measured, photographed and weighed each piece.  Quite a job, but the satisfaction of creating space on the storage shelves is great.

Banjo Man likes to fill the empty bins with “Work Clothes”, which means old clothes he doesn’t want to throw away are saved for outdoor chores.  I have stopped arguing about it and just roll my eyes.

Our gas fireplace won’t be repaired until January 20, which means another week living in the basement or holed up in my office/sewing room.  Banjo Man loves his cozy basement and, because it’s going to be 9 degrees for most of the weekend, plans to sit by the gas stove and watch football and eat soup (he has requested Pasta Fagioli).  I’ve never made it before, but a Pinterest recipe called for a Parmesan rind.  Yesterday I spent an indecent amount of money for a chunk of Parmesan that had a rind on it, so I hope the “flavor profile” is worth it.

I’ve lost much of my sense of taste over the past couple of years, so I’ll have to take Banjo Man’s word for it.

So…a three-day weekend of football to look forward to!  Go Pats!  Go Bucs!  Go Bengals!





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1 Response to my ebay life

  1. Ruth says:

    Actually snuggling up with my hubby with a bowl of hot soup and football sounds pretty good! I think I feel a pot of chowder coming on!!!

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