looking ahead to spring 2022

No, we are not buying an RV, though the urge to get in the car and head west on yet another road trip is always tempting.

My friend Ruth and husband went to the Springfield RV show for the weekend.  I suspect a new RV is in their future…and maybe an adventurous trip or two.

Harley Chick and Hot Rod Russ, who already own a super-large motor home, are heading south in about three weeks.  I suspect they won’t want to come back after experiencing warm, sunny weather.

I was inspired to make plane reservations this morning.  I had to cancel the April flights and rebook for early June, but that’s okay.  We’ve had lots of medical issues to deal with during this Winter From Hell, but we still have lots to look forward to and the fun starts in June.

We need fun.

I know my gardening friends (and there are so many of you!) are waiting for the seed catalogs to arrive in the mail and for the snow and ice to melt.

And here in Rhode Island?  We had a wild, windy rainstorm last night, but you’ll be pleased to know that no trees fell on the house.  The sun is shining now and it feels like spring.

Hurray for spring!  We’re expecting a cold weekend, but it warms up again next week.  Yes, just as it does every year.

Only ten more days of February. 


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1 Response to looking ahead to spring 2022

  1. rbnorth66 says:

    As I was driving to Sandpoint today I was thinking the same thing. Only ten more days of Feb. It really feels like spring here today with the temp at 48 degrees, but we have a “clipper” cold front moving in on Sunday with the temps going back to below zero by Tues. night. Ugh!

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