drink up

There’s a bit of bright news this morning, in the last week of February, in the so-far-disappointing and grim Year of 2022,  with cold temps still surrounding us with ice and misery.

(I am feeling dramatic this morning).

And the good news, you ask?  It’s National Margarita Day!!!

Dancing Mandolin Player.

I think we should all celebrate, don’t you?

A Christmas vacation margarita in Austin.

More margaritas in Austin. SXSW makes me thirsty.

No, Funny Grandson!  Do not imitate your Party Grandma!  It’s Margarita Day, not Root Beer Float Day!

And here we have a little partying goin’ on at the Floater, on the lake.  We were in the midst of a heat wave and needed lots of fluids.

Margaritas are meant to be enjoyed with others.

So grab a friend tonight and dig out that blender.  I’m sure you have a bottle of tequila somewhere…


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2 Responses to drink up

  1. Tom F says:

    Good Idea! Now two degrees in Lincoln. Two days ago it was in the 50s.

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