fox and friends

No, not the news channel.  Take a deep breath.  You know I stay away from politics on the blog, right?

The view from my office window.

It is finally, finally, FINALLY March.  The temps are above 30 (for the moment), the sky is blue and the driveway is now a slick combo of ice and mud.

Life is very, very quiet here in our little section of the woods.  So the appearance of a fox grooming himself on our driveway was incredibly exciting.

He seemed to be having trouble with his tail.  I thought it had a dent in it, but Banjo Man thought perhaps that was just the way a fox tail looked.  Of course we Googled it.  I have determined our local fox is suffering from mange.


We’ve had visitors before.  A sick coyote.  A sleepy fox.  Numerous deer and turkeys.  Two sightings of an elusive fisher.  Owls.  Hawks.  Aggressive squirrels and comical chipmunks.

But no Russian soldiers.

We take such peace for granted, of course.  Banjo Man and I have the luxury of spending quiet mornings watching wildlife and enjoying those second mugs of coffee.

My prayers are with those fighting for their lives and their country.


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1 Response to fox and friends

  1. Tom F says:

    Just like visiting the zoo ! What a great way to start a morning.

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