new kid in the kitchen

This is my new Elite Cuisine Model 4829 toaster.  And yes, this sucker is very long.  It’s designed to toast those long slices of sourdough bread of which Banjo Man is so fond.

Two weeks ago our toaster died and my two-month-old portable heater died.  I loved both of them, but they are now belly-up in the dumpster.  Remember when the tree fell on the house?  Well, we’ve had a dumpster in our parking area in the driveway for over four months now as we wait for our front and back doors to be replaced.

I really, really wish it wasn’t there.  We have to park in the driveway, which is a great big circle and very hard to back around.  Just ask the Amazon drivers, UPS guys, mail lady and propane deliverymen.  One of us runs out and drives the car around so these people don’t have to back up.

Not exactly “back up friendly”, especially when there is snow and ice layered on it. (photo from 2019)

But I digress…

So, I ask you, when did toasters stop costing $12.00??????

This one was $30.  Huh?  If I’d wanted the black version I would have had to pay $41.  Stainless steel?  $44.  Some were $129.  I was amazed, but of course I shouldn’t have been.  After all, we’d paid 2 1/2 times the price for an upright freezer last fall than when we bought one ten years ago.  The price doubled in 2021.

I didn’t set out to buy an extra-long toaster.  Sure, I wanted those 1.5″ wide slots.  But I live and die by Amazon reviews and the toaster reviews were so confusing that I almost gave up.  Toasting a piece of bread on a stick over an open fire (think “Outlander”) began to sound like a good idea.  I have a gas stove top and a package of wooden skewers.  What could go wrong?

The reviews on the thirty or forty toasters I looked at online ranged from, “I love this toaster so much!”  to “This monster set my kitchen on fire,” to “If you buy this toaster you’re an idiot.”

And so on.

I had to get on with my life and finally clicked on this particular model of toaster and sent it to my shopping cart.  It hadn’t set any kitchens on fire or burst into spontaneous flames or died after three weeks, at least not that any reviewers had reported.

So…fingers crossed.

I have yet to plug it in, but I’m going to do that now.  And will open a jar of apricot jam to celebrate having toast again.

I can’t wait to make apricot jam this summer.





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1 Response to new kid in the kitchen

  1. Ruth says:

    And your apricot jam is marvelous dahling!!! Yum!

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